Clients & Discography

  • "Lucky Life" Sugar Bayou (Vocalicon Records) 2011

    Sugar Bayou's second release recorded and mixed at Elmo's Lab contains a wonderful body of great songs, expertly performed by members April Rapier, Bob Oldreive, and Bill Browder. They were augmented by additional tracks ably provided by Eddie Cantu, Richard Bowden and CD producer Lloyd Maines. Get this record!

  • "Dangerous Ground" Downliners Sect (SteadyBoy Records) 2011

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    Freddie Krc asked me to remaster this collection of great songs from these UK rockers for release on his growing label. It was great to get to hear these gems.

  • "Greatest Hits Volume II/ Trust Your Equipment" Ben Livingston 2010

    Ben came around again in 2009 to record a wonderful collection of songs for his second release. Ably produced by Bill Browder, Ben's work is a zany romp through the world of his colorful imagination. Songs are inspired by characters and events from his childhood to dealing with the crazy world of the arts. Ben's experiences in his other work as a neon artist dealing with haughty art critics, and his penchant for some serious world travel have been integral in the forming of these tracks.

  • "Taking Turns" Fletcher Clark (Armadillo Records) 2010

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    Fletcher Clark wrote these songs. Then he went around to his favorite studios and, using his favorite talent to perform, record, mix, and master the tracks, he produced this collection. I recorded basics and overdubs on three of the tracks. The sample track mostly recorded at Elmo's Lab is sung by Tommy Elskes. His considerable talent is evident in his artful and tastefully restrained treatment of a great song.

  • "Three Ring Circus" The Explosives (SteadyBoy Records) 2010

    This is a collection of wonderful live and studio cuts from the iconic '80s "punk/power pop" band which includes a DVD of videos shot "when they was young". I always enjoy remastering these collections for Freddie's label because I get to enjoy their wild, right-to-the-edge style. Check out the unbelievable bass work of Waller Collie.

  • "The Journey" Rose Kimball & Judy Painter 2010

    Fletcher Clark produced this compelling folk collection and brought it to me to mix. The songs are enjoyable and the style is traditional and reminiscent of the folk duets we have enjoyed since the early 1960s.

  • "Through A Faraway Window/ A Tribute to Jimmy Silva"
    Various Artists (SteadyBoy Records) 2010

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    Jimmy Silva was a friend of almost everyone participating in the Bay Area folk rock and garage scene from the early '70s until his untimely demise in 1994. He introduced many participants to each other and was a strong force in bringing people together. Bay Area music writer Jud Cost put together this collection of Jimmy's songs performed by Jimmy's friends as a tribute to the man they loved. The sample track is performed by Jon Auer is one of my favorites. I mastered this compilation during Christmas 2009, and it made me feel a little more of that old holiday spirit because of the sensitive caring for the human condition his songs evoked.

  • "Whisper" Janet Z 2009

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    Freddy Steady Krc produced this collection of rock, blues, country and folk from Janet's life experience inspired writing. There's a flavor of the Texas gulf coast lifestyle in every song. This CD was a please to record and mix.

  • "After School" Jenny Wolfe (SteadyBoy Records) 2009

    Here we are two years after her first release in 2007 and Jenny's sixteen. In her solo debut, her already professional vocal style has matured and she's just great! What can I say that doesn't sound like a cliché? "What's not to like?" The reviews have said it all. Reese Wynans flew in some keyboard tracks from Nashville. Wes McGee and BJ Cole, here from England, contributed acoustic and steel, respectively. Cam King played guitars. I played bass and provided vocal tracks. Freddie produced, contributed drums, vocals, and other assorted instrumental backing. What fun at Elmo's Lab, Hmm?

  • "Voices of a Grateful Nation Vol. 1" The Welcome Home Project:
    'Welcome Back'; Rusty Wier 2008

    Rusty came in with writer/producer Craig Hillis. Rusty's rendition of their song is the compilation's most rockin' track thanks to contributions from Tommy Taylor, Jamie Oldaker, John Inmon, John Fannin, Mike Rieman and Michael Ramos.

  • "Voices of a Grateful Nation Vol. 2" The Welcome Home Project:
    'The Great Divide' Will Callery 2008

    This is one of the two tracks recorded at Elmo's Lab on this two volume compilation CD produced by drummer Jamie Oldaker of Eric Clapton fame. Will came in to record by recommendation of Eddie Cantu and Ted Sweeney with whom he had just recently finished a CD.

  • "Jukebox Music" Mitch Jacobs (SteadyBoy Records) 2008

    Freddie producing Houston's rockabilly Mitch Jacobs - Mitch has the most stunning vocal ability I have had the pleasure of working with in the studio. He can sing anything, anywhere, anytime, anyway - he is a good guitar player too. Lloyd sent in some scary good cyber-tracks. I thoroughly enjoyed making this record.

  • "Cool Blue Flame" Denim (Grump Records) 2008

    Remember those tracks Denim was working on back in 2000-2002? You know, before the left turn to "The Fifth Sun"? Many of those tracks were included here as well as previously unreleased tracks going back to the work done for the 1998 "Evolution" CD. A good group of new material was also included. Guests included Ted Sweeney, Neil Pederson (who along with Eddie Cantu constitutes one of the great Extreme Heat rhythm sections), Lloyd Maines, former Denimites Paul Clagett and Mike Cross, John Mills, Jon Blondell, Keith Winking and Pat Murray.

  • "Halloween" Roky Erickson and the Explosives Live 1979-1981
    (SteadyBoy Records) 2007

    Since Roky became the iconic father of psychedelic music, his fame has spread to a whole new generation of fans - world wide. Freddie brought these live club board tapes to Elmo's Lab for mastering. This CD has put SteadyBoy on the map, selling as fast as they can make 'em.

  • "Dance Hall Incident" Sugar Bayou 2007

    Bill Browder brought this project to Elmo's Lab. Tracks were recorded alternately at Elmo's and with Mike Thompson in Houston. Lloyd Maines, John Mills, Freddie Steady Krc, Mike Rieman, Mary Cutrufello, Kevin Hall, Michael Ramos, Eddie Cantu and Floyd Domino filled out the guest list. There's lots of good songs and great playing on this CD.

  • "Recado" Vince Bell (SteadyBoy Records) 2007

    Cam King's production took him to Santa Fe to record Vince in his garage. Then he took his all-in-one recorder to Nashville to get Tammy Rogers and back to Texas to capture other contributors. He came to Elmo's for overdubs and later for mastering. I believe this is Vince's best CD to date for its simplicity, honesty, charismatic delivery and great production.

  • "Jenny Wolfe & The Pack" Jenny Wolfe & The Pack (SteadyBoy Records) 2007

    Freddie producing again. He found Jenny at the Natural Ear School of Music in Austin where he was teaching kids how to rock & roll. She was just 13 when we started this project, and already a great talent! Her band of fellow students provided most of the music tracks too.

  • "Tex-Pop" The Freddie Steady Five (SteadyBoy Records) 2007

    By now, Freddie is becoming my most supportive client, and this is his first release on his new label, SteadyBoy Records. Half of the cuts were recorded by Cam King at his studio in Nashville. They were intended as Freddie's contributions to a new Explosives CD, but the world would have to wait for that.

  • "Five Way Street: A Tribute to Buffalo Springfield"
    (Not Lame Recording Company) 2006

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    Freddie Steady pulled together some friends for a one song contribution to this compilation CD. The CD was organized by Eric Sorensen. Look for the track, "Rock and Roll Woman".

  • "Come Out Tonight" Sal Valentino (Fat Pete Records) 2006

    Well, I was jazzed! Freddie produced this CD on the Beau Brummels' former lead singer… yes, The Beau Brummels lead singer. Sal turned out to be a delightful fellow who spent a week here in Texas from his hometown of Sacramento CA. He learned the songs in the backyard, and played catch with the dog Sammie while Freddie and I created the tracks. When he left, we missed him immediately. I enjoyed a 12-day stint later in '06 playing in California with Sal and Freddie to promote the CD.

  • "Destination Unknown" Kristine Alpert (Flying Fish Records) 2006

    This lovely young lady (no relation to Christine Albert) was brought to Elmo's by ace guitarist Van Wilks. Included on the CD are performances by guest artist, Guy Forsyth. Lovely.

  • "Freddie Steady Go!" Freddie Steady 5 (Fat Pete Records) 2005

    Here comes the FSK Express, the accelerating efforts of Freddie Steady Krc steaming into the future of music, and recording a lot of it at Elmo's. This is Freddie's tribute to hit songs of the past from Texas Artists.

  • "Chrome & Water" 3 Balls Of Fire (Deep Eddy Records) 2004

    Mike Vernon came in with his stereo surfer guitar rig and rocked the house.

  • "Second Orbit" Ben Livingston (2004)

    Acclaimed neon artist Ben Livingston (aka Ben Neon) came in with the Denim guys for a four song EP. Lloyd Maines came in for a performance on pedal steel. Ben's fresh and energetic approach, like his art, is light and inspiring.

  • Greg Jackson

    Album Cover

    A former member of Denim, he came in to record a few songs acoustically. There was no release as far as I know. Enjoyed the songs, Greg.

  • Stephen Fromholz/Willie Nelson Duet (2003)

    Album Cover

    Craig Hillis brought a 20 year old track in to be mixed. The song was recorded to 24 track tape at Wink Tyler's studio and recently bounced into Pro Tools. What a blast… from the past!

  • "The Fifth Sun" Denim (Grump Records) 2003

    Freddie Steady Krc produced this Denim release with executive producers Betsy & Kevin Mattingly. We were working in another direction for a couple of years, but with the return of Dave Moerbe, we resurrected some old Denim material mixed in with the new. Lloyd Maines guests on pedal steel, dobro and mandolin. English artist B.J. Cole also guests on pedal steel.

  • Holt, Reinhart and Winston/Patterson Barrett Audio Services

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    I did a stint mastering audio textbooks for this international publisher. Do our nation's textbooks really come from Texas?

  • "Frontier a Go Go" The Shakin' Apostles (Sundazed) 2002

    Freddy Steady Krc brought his next project to Elmo's. The producer was the talented Brad Kopp. I recorded the basics and then Brad took over to overdub and mix the project. He did a great job, and since the project was tracked at Elmo's, I was able to observe and learn Brad's Pro Tools working methodology. Apprenticeship is the best way to learn method, and I was finally functional. Thanks, Brad.

  • "What It Takes" Cameron Oates 2002

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    Cory Jackson (aka Cameron Oates) cut his debut CD at Spencer Starnes Bee Creek Studios. As I had performed backing vocals many times at Spencer's, he asked me to do the vocals. I did at Elmo's Lab and returned the completed tracks to Spencer for his mix. Cory has become a good friend and we hope to work together again soon.

  • Sharon Bousquet (Demo) 2000

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    This great artist came in to track a couple of her tunes. I never got the chance to make that CD. She currently resides in Iowa.

  • Combo #9 (Demo) 1999

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    Ben Cocke, Mike Rieman, Dave Moerbe and Craig Hillis were in for a live demo (and with four open SM58s in the living room, I mean LIVE!)

  • "Como Num Sonho" Jena Vieira (Single) 1999

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    Jimmy Steffan of Columbia Missouri wrote and recorded this authentic sounding Latin tune. Mike Rieman, our resident (and former Columbia resident) go-to bass player, brought the project to Elmo's Lab. Mike produced the tune while on a visit to Missouri. We added horns, Synth strings, mixed and mastered the tune at Elmo's. Check out John Mills' horn and string arrangements as well as the blistering trombone solo by John Blondell in the outtro!

  • "Walk In My Dreams" Kevin Mattingly (Bet Kev, Inc.) 1999

    Betsy and Kevin Mattingly came to Bill Browder asking the Denim guys to produce a CD on Kevin, and in doing so, also generously helped upgrade our semi-pro ADAT system to a full fledged Pro Tools rig with high quality mic pres and all. Although started on ADATs, the project was completed and mixed in the new Pro Tools and came out great!

  • "Evolution" Denim (Grump Records) 1998

    The mix and mastering of this record was the first work done at Elmo's Lab. The songs were tracked at Eddie Cantu's house on one 8 track ADAT recorder. The mix was manual, but hey, it was mixed as we recorded with an estimated 32 tracks ping ponged down to 8. I still like working this way, and, since I got the 16 channel summing mixer, I'm doing it again. There's something real clean about making mixing decisions as you go.

  • "Indian Paintbrush" Denim (Grump Records) 1995

    This early Denim CD is included because it is the last recording-to-tape on which I worked. Recorded at Dennis Davis' Studio D starting as early as 1992, basics were recorded by Richard Mullen (Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson) and overdubs were engineered by me, Dennis Davis, and Matt Schultz. I mixed the CD at Music Lane Studios in 1994/1995. The sample track was written and sung by Mike Cross, one of my all-time favorite singers. I'll bet you agree.